Transforming UK insurance

As a UK insurance provider, you need to maximise your quote-to-close ratio.

Using underwriting integration technology, ORION WEB has produced one of the most successful online UK insurance quote journeys. The solution we have implemented is fully configurable, expandable and streamlined. 

ORION's UK Insurance web solution is packed with features!

A features-rich eCommerce website for your insurance covers

A complete eCommerce solution with extensive product management capabilities and payment gateway integrations.

A complete Content Management System with a highly sophisticated back office

Our Drupal CMS implementation will allow your team to efficiently manage content, products, media, integrations and so much more. 

Configurable API integrations

The product we've developed enables secure and quick connections to external APIs, from price-calculating Rest API engines to bespoke Webhooks, GraphQL or SOAP services.

Your insurance products combined into configurable online journeys

Our solution can combine your insurance covers and underwriting logic into smooth user journeys on the front end, amplified by additional triggers and conditions.

Built-in SEO capabilities

Our Cloud-based platform natively supports configurable sitemaps, granular metatags and complete integration with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Campaigns etc.

A modern, eye-catching and pixel - perfect design

The one-stop solution we'll develop for your clients will not only be practical to use but also beautiful!

Content Marketing to elevate your campaigns strategy

We'll make sure that your brand-new, sales-attracting platform will benefit from organic traffic generated by white-hat, SEO-rich content.

A mobile-friendly, responsive browsing experience, on any device

ORION's UK Insurance solution supports all screen sizes and device models, and that includes the front-end experience as well as the back office.

The ability for your users to save their quote and retrieve later

Offer your users the ability to save a snapshot of their quote-generating journey and return later to close that sale.

Cloud-based portal for your clients

Enable your users to securely access their insurance policies, claims and data online, on meticulously crafted screens.