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LocalGov Drupal for Councils


LocalGov Drupal is a publicly owned asset that delivers a better digital experience for citizens, improves service outcomes, and saves resources and money. 

ORION WEB was the first SME Digital Agency to be accepted as an official LocalGov Drupal supplier. This means that we have access to vast amounts of knowledge, experience and technology in Government web projects including Councils, Boroughs, Counties, Unitary Authorities and District Councils.

We offer our full range of services to support the process of migrating your web app, microsite, landing pages etc. to LocalGov Drupal through discovery, UX research, design, web development and testing.

We have recently launched a series of LocalGov Drupal tutorials to help Councils understand more about the power of the LocalGov platform.

Why LocalGov Drupal?


LocalGov Drupal provides a solid foundation for building and customising local government websites. It offers various pre-configured features and functionalities, as well as a wide range of modules and themes available in the Drupal community, allowing agencies to tailor their sites to meet specific requirements.

Open Source

LocalGov Drupal, like Drupal itself, is open-source software, which means it is free to use, modify, and distribute. This can result in cost savings for local government agencies compared to proprietary CMS solutions.

Content Management

Drupal is known for its powerful content management capabilities. LocalGov Drupal inherits these features, allowing non-technical staff to easily manage and update website content, including news, events, documents, and multimedia.


LocalGov Drupal follows accessibility best practices, making it easier for local government websites to comply with web accessibility standards and provide inclusive experiences for all users.

Responsive Design

LocalGov Drupal websites can be designed to be responsive, meaning they adapt to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a consistent user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


Drupal, including LocalGov Drupal, has a dedicated security team that actively works to identify and address vulnerabilities. Regular updates and security patches are released, helping to ensure the safety of the websites built on the platform.

Integration with Third-party Systems

LocalGov Drupal can be integrated with other systems commonly used in local government operations, such as CRM tools, GIS software, and other government databases, streamlining data management and improving operational efficiency.


Drupal, including LocalGov Drupal, is capable of handling websites with large amounts of content and traffic, making it suitable for both small towns and large metropolitan areas.

Community and Support

Drupal has a large and active community of developers and users who contribute to the software's improvement and provide support through forums, documentation, and other resources.

Multilingual Support

LocalGov Drupal offers built-in support for multilingual websites, allowing local governments to provide content in multiple languages and better serve diverse communities.

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Types of Councils LocalGov Drupal is ideal for:

  • London Boroughs including the City of London
  • Metropolitan Districts
  • District Councils
  • County Councils
  • Unitary Authorities