Theming & styling as well as support & maintenance for the XYNTEO website
XYNTEO website - ORION Showcase

XYNTEO website - ORION Showcase

Xynteo is a purpose-driven advisory firm that helps large organisations uncover people and planet-positive ways to grow.

The management team for this beautiful Drupal CMS website asked the ORION team to perform a large number of maintenance tasks, including:

  • Apply theming and styling on various components. These were mainly front-end tasks that allowed content to render in a uniform way
  • Repair the files and folders structure in the codebase
  • Set up the Configuration Management API on the website to allow for structural changes (e.g. adding a field to a page type) to be maintainable in the codebase and version-controlled
  • Repair the video embedding functionality
  • Add and configure functionality to allow content editors to delete files in the CMS back office
  • Set up code package dependencies using Composer dependency manager
  • Update modules and themes
  • Refactor certain pieces of code to adhere to Drupal and PHP coding standards

Keeping the codebase tidy is essential for the life cycle of any project. ORION has vast experience in supporting and maintaining web projects with a vision to prolong the lifespan of our clients' investments.

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