Custom module development (PHP) for the official website of The Imperial College, London

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ORION WEB's team has been involved in custom module development for the Drupal portion of the website and produced bespoke logic targeting content referencing features in the back office of the Content Management System.

A website review of Imperial College London

Imperial College London: What's on

The Imperial College London website is an amazing platform where everyone can find more information about one of the UK`s leading centres of scientific research, education, and innovation. It is incredibly well-designed and has a logical menu, which means that it is suitable for everybody, whether you intend to go to Imperial as a student or work there as a faculty member, or cooperate with it as an industry partner, or you are a member of the general public. Seeing the College’s front door for the first time will amaze you with fascinating images of the school, from cutting-edge research to world–class facilities and a vibrant campus community.

Visitors to the homepage are greeted with strong visuals of the institution’s state-of-the-art research, world-class facilities, and vibrant campus life. The layout is well-organized, with easy-to-find navigation menus that take users to the institution’s academic programs, research, news and events, and prospective students pages.

Imperial College London venues

The website offers numerous resources for prospective students looking for information about the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. They include program descriptions, admission requirements, application processes, and details about scholarships, grants, and university housing. Interactive media resources, “Explore our campuses” and “Student stories”, give an insider’s perspective on the life of Imperial College London. These resources are aimed to help prospective students better understand the conditions of studying and living at the college to make informed decisions.

The website functions as a digital centre for academic and administrative resources as well as campus-related updates for existing students and faculty. It allows them to search coursework and academic schedules, explore centres, units and collaborate with the university regarding research, among other features. The portal to important administrative facilities, such as student services, library resources and IT facilities, makes studying at our university convenient.

Furthermore, the website presents Imperial College London’s vast research activities in different areas stretching from engineering or medicine to business and the arts. Here, visitors can discover numerous research centres, laboratories, and interdisciplinary projects serving as a springboard for new findings and advancements. In addition to this, the institution reveals recent discoveries, publications, and collaborative projects to elucidate its dedication to the development of knowledge and solution of world-scale issues.

The website not only offers academic and research content but also promotes interaction and dissemination among its broader community through other means. News about public talks, symposiums, and community projects attracts an audience that extends beyond the campus. Interactive resources like blogs, podcasts, and social media connectivity also help to maintain effective contact and exchange with external parties.


Imperial College London, with regard to accessibility, also places high interest since there is also support for making the website more inclusive. The key issue is that the website complies with the principles of Web Accessibility where individuals with disabilities can navigate in and comprehend the website from their perspective.

Moreover, the website also complies with the college’s statement concerning environmental responsibility and sustainable development by providing responsive sections. For instance, individuals may find materials for “Sustainability Strategy” or “Our Partners,” factors which are associated with the college’s goals to reduce its carbon footprint and advocate for a respectable image in the environment.

Commitment to Excellence

In conclusion, the Imperial College London website is an interactive digital space that reflects the institution's commitment to excellence, innovation, and global citizenship. With its diverse toolkit of multimedia offerings, interactive functions, and intuitive navigation, the platform is an ideal representation of Imperial’s goal to inspire, educate, and enable people who can transform the world thanks to education and research.

Imperial College London - ORION WEB showcase

Imperial College London - ORION WEB showcase

Our team has implemented custom module development for the Drupal portion of the organisation's website.